Thursday, December 31, 2009

Summary of 2009

Ok peeps, highlights for the year 2009 :D


Highlight of that birthday. LOL every year looking forward to celebrate with my closest buddies in school. This year is also the last year able to celebrate in school with classmates and the rest. It was a memorable one for me, I remember Weng Joe requested Cik.Nazeema to ask the whole class of 5 Teknologi 2 to sing a song to me. Was really moved though, it was a wonderful birthday celebration. Kyle, Tom, Cheng Heng, Peter, Gan Yang and me had Left 4 Dead gaming session. Still got owned by tanks :(

Thanks guys for making my day :D


Got my very own first desktop as a birthday present from my dad for college (damn early right?) And also bought my first drawing tablet (with my very own ang pau money). *HEARTS* the Wacom Bamboo Fun.



Also had a blast at UCSI's Earth Hour event. Band was rocking good, everyone started to blow each other's candles and everyone was H-I-G-H.
The campus.

Hui Xian and Me.

Oh yeah, not to forget that I got an award for best class position in my class. Don't know what's the big deal but my parents were indeed very happy O.o?

Yeah being part of the school's U-18 handball team was awesome but leaving you sitting out for the whole tournament can really be a pain in the ass for you. LOL, was dropped out from first team to reserves and watched the team lose all 2 games. But anyway, at least I got my own jersey.

Sitting out for the whole tournament and getting your newly bought white shoes just for the tournament dirty, priceless.

Oh yeah, in the month of March Darshini and I stayed back after school for debate discussion and it was a shocking day. There was this boy name Raven, Indian, might look very innocent to you but infact he is a ver dangerous boy. While the janitor complained someone threw books from the 3rd floor, I then found Raven hiding at the corridor along the 3rd floor, gave chase and caught him. Headmistress Halimah took his bag, to my surprise, found a butcher's knife. A fucking butcher's knife!!

Oh yeah, one more thing, I got 48/50 for undang test, which was frickin' awesome cuz previosly, I failed 3 times at home while doing mock test.


On the 4th of April 2009, the Mak family welcomes a cute little hamster to our home, meet Mac. I adopted Mac from this form 1 girl through Gan Yang called Ng Sin Ying. Among all of the hamsters, Mac was very very quiet and adorable and chubby :D

Awhhhhh, ain't Mac adorable with her running wheel in her cage?

Oh yeah, pierced my left ear, for the 3rd time again =.="

Moral project was awesome, never in my schooling days I've enjoyed the torture and headache and bullshitting that our country's secondary moral school project can bring.

Look how exciting can Moral project be....

I'm sure Kyle was excited too. Could have, would have and should have been excited.

Honestly, all the pictures of me sweeping the floor, mopping the floor, washing the dishes, wiping the windows, making bed and so, bullshit acting.

Until we have to let off steam of what's left in our fragile little mind, then only we can resume being normal teenagers. For example, a good healthy activity like "Catch the Rubbish Bag That is Thrown Far Far Away" is recommended for people who are stressed out after a day's work. Especially to 9-5 office workers.

Every year I'll lend a hand to help Hui Xian's mum in Tadika Mayter's Anual Sports Day. It was fun of course, babysitting the kids. Gosh they are so adorable. Here's a memorable picture of me surrounded by sweet angels (note : kids that can give you hell anyday of the year)

You know, it feels good to be tall :D

Oh yeah, as for SMK Seri Mutiara's choir team, we qualified for Pudu Zone's Top 5 in the National Secondary School Choir Competition.


One of the highlights for the month of May, our school choir got 2nd place in Pudu Zone, was soo close to represent for the Wilayah Persekutuan Finals.

Thanks YiVonn, thanks Eve for guiding us. Final year and got a very good end for choir. Loved the practices we've been through.

Started my driving lesson, sucked at the clutch but after the 3rd lesson, mastered it all....

Stayed up for the Manchester United-Barcelona Champions League Final just hours before my art exam. Staying up late and watching Manchester United lose so bad against Europe's best football team is a bad night.


Thank God for Nuffnang :D It was the first time I enter a competition and I wanted that Transformers 2 Movie Premiere so badly until i dedicated a blog post about how awesome Transformers is to me.

And I managed to get 2 tickets to see the epic metal orgy movie with a buddy.

In the month of June I also failed my first driving exam. I lost it at the slope. But at least Transformers 2 the movie cheered me up :D

And after the movie, posted the spoilers on Facebook. Spoiled quite a number of friends who wanted to watch the movie, especially Ian and Yu Kin.

In the world of entertainment and showbiz, the world mourns the lost of the best entertainer and dancer, the one who set the record for the number one selling album, "Thriller" with more than 50 million copies, Michael Jackson

And hor....government so sayang me until select me for National Service :(


The month of July started out awesome. I'm one of the debaters representing the school for the Pudu Zone debate school competition, and surprisingly, we made it to the Final but also happy and glad and shocked that we got 2nd place. Again like the choir competition, so close into representing Pudu Zone for the Wilayah Persekutuan finals. Would like to thank Ms.Adlina and the rest of the teachers for their appreciated guidance to us debaters. Darshini, Amirul, Santosh, Jethro, Angeline Mai Sabrina and the rest for the contributions. So happy we got 2nd place. We celebrated in style by having a feast at Tesco Extra Cheras' food court.

Group photo.

Love this one. Mai thanks for the blowing kiss :D

Our school had this Hari Keusahawanan to raise school funds. And it was the first time I was a manager for my class' stall. Last year we were not that excited about how are we gonna set up our stall and what are we gonna sell. But this year, a whole different story. My class, after discussion with Cik. Roseni, we decided to set up a Playstation 2 stall with a few games to play and a FIFA Street 2 and Need for Speed Most Wanted competition. Was happy that last year's seniors came to give support by attending Hari Keusahawanan. Sure, we have a rival setting up his stall next to mine and also had used dirty tactics by tearing up my poster that was pasted in each class. Nice try kid.

It would be nice if there was a category for best stall poster :D Sorry for being cocky. Glad that I have receive good feedbacks on my poster. It took me 2 hours to do it using my Wacom Bamboo Fun.

And after failing for the first driving test, this time I was determined not to fail again for the 2nd time. I was so motivated until I memorized the side parking and naik bukit formulas. I wanna thank my driving instructor Mr.Chin for being patient with me. Blessed to have you teacher me. And by the grace of God, I passed :D

Things could not get any better when I had the opportunity to be a ticket checker for the Malaysia XI-Manchester United friendly match a @Bukit Jalil National Football Stadium. Hours standing and tearing tickets but it all paid off when we finished our job and was allowed to watch the final 25 minutes of the game. Matched ended with United winning with a slim scoreline, 3-2.

And at the same month after passing my driving exam, I got my license. :D


Had my first summon from DBKL, for parking at the yellow line. Pretty awesome, RM 100 but Santosh's mum helped me settled it for RM 20.

And one thing that I really wanted to do before leaving school, I wanna give Mr.Chew a piece of my mind, and I did. I felt awesome, not because I did something just to show off or so, but I felt free and almost all of my tension and stress all gone.

As SPM was getting closer, highlights were lesser.


Nothing much, hmmmmm.


All American Rejects concert. Awesome performance by the band, worst part is that the show was delayed for 2 hours plus....


SPM. Oh yeah, the last and final exam in Secondary school life. The one that really fucks every form 5's fragile minds to pieces. The one that causes everyone to be a caffeine addicts. But before that, it was a special month for me because SMK Seri Mutiara wanted to show their appreciation to us form 5s by having a first graduation ceremony for us. Heck, even last year seniors pun tak da ok?

Sammy, me and Santosh :D

And on that night, vodka and BBQ chicken. Kyle was the cameraman for the night, and thank him for the wonderful pictures in that post. Cheng Heng, that picture will haunt you for the rest of your life.

Remember remember Cheng Heng :D

Driving home 30% drunk =.=

And after the BBQ night, SPM. Hoooohhhh boy......


Freedom, can smell it after my arts paper. And after the last paper, which is perdagangan, I have completed the SPM exams and I have officially ended my education at SMK Seri Mutiara for 5 years. For the month of Decenber, I had fever after Education Fair, had a minor sinus problem but is now all right. That sinus problem has wake me up to exercise more and slack less. December was the month I went car hunting and got my baby dugong (thanks Dad).

My life has been great in 2009, who knew I meet alot of new friends this year, especially with the afternoon session. Ya lah Trisha congrats getting married with Iqa and may you 2 have a blissful relationship together. Justin, stop emo-ing and get on with life. Zanne, grow taller please :D

Memories of 2009 will forever be inked on my heart. This has been a year of blessing, thank you God for giving me a great year to go through.

2009 is coming to an end soon, 39 minutes left till we usher in 2010. Take care and party safe people. Next I will post the top songs for 2010 and alot of awards I made up with my own imagination.

P.S : Diong, Samuel, Ivan and Kuok Wei, sorry I forgot when we started a band together so sorry kay? But one thing I could forget is that we have an awesome time together jamming and practicing songs. "Decode", "Waking Up In Vegas" still remains the best songs we've performed.

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