Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Baby Dugong

Today is the last Thursday of 2009, yesterday was the last Wednesday of 2009, Tuesday and Monday and Sunday and last Saturday and Friday was the last weekday for 2009. Its been a wonderful year, I'm gonna post a list of awesome things I've done for this year. This is also the last post for 2009, as we welcome 2010 :D

And today's a happy day for me. Registered for IACT (Institute Advertising Creative Training). I am looking forward to study graphic design at IACT, and also looking forward to college life. Its gonna be different than secondary school life, and all I can say is.....I'm looking forward to the challenges ahead.

Today went back to school to help out for Orientation Day for the new enrollment of Remove and Form One students. Gosh, every year these juniors are shrinking O.o Helped out on the P.A system, teachers were surprised that I took the time to come back to help (better write/prepare/type a good student testimony for me kay?)

Diong, I know you're gonna miss me, admit it XD Samuel, have fun being head prefect for your last year in SMK Seri Mutiara, SPM somemore wor....

Gan Yang came back to help too, he was the one who told me that Mr.Chee needed our assistance. Gan Yang will shift to Sri Petaling and stay with his dad, means that no more mamak session with him when masa lapang :( You guys might think his attitude as a childish teenager (yes, I do think of that way too) but when you need a friend that can always be there to help you out on your problems, he'll be there for you. Saw Melz, wonder why is she buying books back at Seri Mutiara?

Samuel followed me back, played Dirt 2. Yes, the Ford MKII oversteers easily and also can be a bitch to you. Wonder how the late Colin McRae can handle that piece of American crap. At least the Subaru 1995 Sti was ok. DIRT 2 was a perfect ode to the late rally champion who died of a freak helicopter accident. Sorely missed by racing fans like me. Ken Block and his Subaru STi Hatchback can go to hell, you call that a rally machine? Dave Mirra and his bloody Subaru too can go get bent. LOL, guess Subaru can really really digg a hole and bury their face in it too.

Watched Zombieland for the 4 time already, this time with Samuel. Halfway throughout the movie, tak da electricity =.=

Dad came back just in time, after resting we went to Ampang to get my car. I'm really blessed to have my own car months after getting my license. I still love the 1997 Honda City that my parents used, its still a solid car.

After signing the papers, dad then took the car keys and went to the car with the salesperson to do final checking on the car. Mileage is 16XXX and I never knew the car was so quiet. I love the 4-din MP3 player that's like so awesome. The signal sounds so adorable :D But hor, buntut Vios macam Jennifer Lopez XD

We got lost after telling mum to go home first. You know, dad has a bad sense of direction, same goes for me. After turning out from the used car lot, we just simply turn here and there and ended up at the main road back to Cheras.

Honda City and the Toyota Vios

Vios badge.

Front part of the car.

Test drove the car, need a few days to get used to it. It ain't like the City, everything feels different. Dad wants me to get used driving around the housing area before taking it on the main roads. Mum wants me to drive the City to familiarize myself with Petaling Jaya roads before using the Vios.

Driving the Vios is like driving a big car, help me!!!

Now the song "Brick By Boring Brick" by Paramore is my year end song to listen. It kinda sums up my year. Will post my countdown list by tomorrow maybe, anyway before signing off as this is the last post for 2009 (maybe...) I would like to thank you guys for reading my blog and giving comments. If anything that I posted offended you in some way, I sincerely apologized. Thank you so much.

P.S: Alex Lai still the best player to own goal.

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