Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kyle's 17 Already?!

Hey Kyle, blessed birthday to ya :D Hope you really really enjoyed your birthday (inside joke) and please borrow me that Spongebob episode after you're done with it :D

Anyway, its been a blessing to know a friend like you, and also blessed to have a best friend like you. Thanks for being patient with me when I'm screwing up XD LOL remember EYE Closing Ceremony, didn't managed to sapu the awards but damn right we sapu the buffet line. Even that Damansara Utama school don't stand a chance.

Yeah, BBQ night was the bomb. Definitely drank alot and got kinda drunk, but couldn't be as drunk as Santosh :D Yeah this picture says it all. Hope your mum doesn't see this, or else your whole eat-lots-of-salad-to-kill-off-alcohol-smell-in-mouth cover is blown. Be thankful I was able to drive on my lane and got you back safely.

Cuz you and I have one thing in common, we're still virgins, too young to die.

Anyway, finally you get to attend the bengkel talk and get your L license, congrats. Can't wait for you to drive me around town.

You're a year away from the legal age of clubbing, drinking, smoking, surfing porn sites and of course, being an adult. Thanks for being my best friend!!! Happy awesome ass-kicking 17th to my brother from another mother.

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