Wednesday, December 2, 2009

6th Day of SPM

December 2nd, 2009, 11:01 p.m

Done with Science paper one and two. Left a few questions blank and sometimes I find the bilingual option for exam papers are pretty much useless.

For example :

State one inference from the experiment above
Nyatakan satu inferens daripada experimen tersebut?

Sometimes I get confuse with the word inference.................sigh, education in Malaysia memang screwed to the max!!

After one hour and 20 minutes, went out of the hall, went to Aladdin with Kah Joon. Edwin and Khai Liang went ahead. Played Left 4 Dead 2, and again the game crashed. Died multiple times in Dead Centre last level. Bloody tank. Then played Counter Strike, 2 on 2, Edwin/Daniel and Weng Joe/Khai Liang. Was raping them in fy_snowworld until Kah Joon joined their side (CT) and from leading 25-10 we were trailing till 47-59. funny until at one point I slammed my face on the keyboard. Q edwin Q to switch your bloody gun!!!!

Then again..........1:30 p.m have to be back at school to gather for Pendidikan Seni Kertas 1. Since 2008, I have never studied the theory part. Never at all.

Pity Joshua, Weng Hooi, Lynette and the rest to come to school just to sit for one paper. Finished after 45 minutes and then balik rumah.

2 more papers.....Friday is practical exam for art. Will draw a watermelon house with its seeds look like humans in a cartoonish way. Let my imagination run wild again XD

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