Sunday, October 12, 2008

5 Days of Pressure

PMR....seriously, pass and fail, still end up in form 4 mah. But SPM different story. That damn exam really decides your future.

PMR decides whether you go Science Stream or Arts Stream. Yeah, so if you are more in the creative and more to business, go Arts. If you're interested in bio, chemistry, physics, and good at maths and want to take a harder maths subject (Add Maths), then go to Science Stream.

Yeah...SPM decides whether you can work and go college or not? C'mon lah, you see all part time jobs need at least a SPM certificate kan? ultra hard during form 4, for PMR, relax, try your best, leave the rest to God.

Good luck to the form 3 readers of my blog, that is including Kerrie, Melz, Ian, Samuel, Jun Qin, Hui Xian, Shu Teng, BenBenZai, and the others to. Ya'll can laugh and tease at me cuz my exams are from 14th of October till November 4th.

But then ah...some days I can not go to school, cuz since each day a subject or two, so if the day's subject is Add Maths, then I can stay at home and watch Spongebob on that day. Fun huh form 4 life?

Haha, it's worth studying your ass of this government exam. The reward, unlimited freedom until your result day.

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