Friday, October 31, 2008

Gorilla gone wild

Was preparing my art exam by drawing this question.

Dua orang berkepala haiwan sedang mengawal sebuah istana air batu. Lukiskan dengan bentuk, jalinan, dan rupa dan muka ekspresi dua orang itu.
Oh great, now back to work again.


Went through to search for pics.

I found the animal with just one expression for life, the gorilla.

And I start to sketch it....

It worked out pretty well....

Until my mind went corrupted and thought....

"What if my gorilla has a hot body?"

Work in progress....

Fake boobs, check. Fake drawn body, check.

Add in a cheap Made-In-China bikini with melamine, check.

Yeah, my niece Carmie always claims that she's hot. There you go, a hot picture of Carmie.

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