Thursday, October 23, 2008

Alor to stay, Kejora to go

A few days ago, mum told me Jalan Alor no more jor.

Why? Because some smartass says that changing the name is better. Guess what's the new name? Kejora?

Huh, Kejora?! Doesn't even sound as tasty as Alor lah. Hello?!! If you wanna improve one place which is as famous as Jalan Alor, improve on the image, not by changing the name.

Yahoo! returned 900,000 search results after typing Jalan Alor. Now can you expect all tourist to know that Jalan Kejora is the new Jalan Alor? They got so used to knowing Jalan Alor, that Jaln Kejora is just too...odd for them.

You'll pissed the nation off if you guys changed the name. Serious.

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