Thursday, October 9, 2008

My bad

I sincerely apologize to Fool. I'm serious, it was my own damn fault. And I want to thank him for making me realize my mistakes. Thanks buddy.

I admit, my first impression on private school students, that was last time before I was confronted by one of my buddies to change my perspective on them. I did, and I changed. I mean, not all rich people are bratty and so on. So, after that confrontation, I changed my views on people already, and not to judge them by their outside.

I burried my past thoughts already. Remember I told ya'll that Seri Suria's choir team was bad and so on. Yeah, my first impression on them was abit harsh. Until Fool told me that those were 10 to 12 year olds. Oh crap, my mistake again. It was one of the most regretful things I typed about them. I am sorry.

I stereotyped them, oh yeah. Go find out yourself. And it was so wrong stereotyping people. I mean, I also don't want to be stereotyped, neither you people also want to be stereotyped too.

I did say something about the Phanton of the Opera play. It was good, just that I commented that the Phantom's singing isn't that good and was surprise why Raoul can sing better than him. Fine, sorry. But seriously, you have the balls to sing and act on stage. That takes alot of guts. I don't wanna cause another 'outrage', is just that, everyone should be able to accept critisism. I do, I mean, I may not be good at blogging, drawing, singing, trying out new things and so, and I get critisized for that. I accepted it, and I try to improve myself. I sorry for saying that you can't sing that good, but please, that doesn't mean you can't sing at all. You have the voice, just that need more improvement, and that's all.

I don't know what was on my mind when I was blogging about that event. I regret and if there was a chance, I would take it all back. Hey, look at the bright side, you play was better than my EYE team's Cultural night. You would have been in stitches when you see the people who were invited to sing.

Look, Mr. Phantom. I'm sorry for what I've commented on you and your school. Guess Seri Suria is so gonna kill me. But what I want you to know that I don't wanna be a public enemy to you and your buddies. I've managed to be forgiven by Fool and he has accepted my apologies, and I forgived him for his offensive messages he left on my Chatbox.

I've read your blog, one of my friends gave me. And I really didn't know that it made such a great impact on you. Gee, I don't know what to say. If you have the heart to forgive me like Fool, I'll appreciate it..


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FOOL said...

Sorry if the blog (Phantom) insulted you in any ways