Saturday, October 18, 2008


Just short updates, won't be blogging until after exams. And maybe I mean it. Depends whether the computer can successfully tempt me to blog during exams.

Ok, yesterday, Nick sorta crashed Hamresh's bike. Yeah, pity Hamresh, first bike, first crash, but not by him. Mum drove past them, told me that one Chinese boy's hand was bleeding. That unlucky guy was Avern. Wish you the best in recovering.

Yeah, yeah, form 3 enjoying their hard earned freedom. Now they can see me suffer. I have 7 more days of Finals damn it!!! I hope next time all schools won't be asses by delaying the exams. All we students are asking for is to get over our damn exams, and let us enjoy our holidays for God's sake.

Goverment and school pissing me off. Ish!!!

Sam's friend's Xbox was electrecuted by lightning on Friday. Pity Samuel, first day of freedom, the weather screwed it up for him.

I getting annoyed by one of my church member. Seriously, if you forget about me being in the worship team, why bother pushing me to join the team?

Form 3 have fun.

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