Sunday, October 12, 2008

Not so close?

The Friday before the Hari Raya holidays started, Mr.Chee told the boys and girls that they can't sit together during assembly. I thought he's joking. Then, some of my friends said that all this crappy idea is from the headmistress herself.

The reason, none.

I mean, don't you think it is ridiculous. I thought so, until when school reopens, assembly time the boys and girls were siting separately. There was such a gap that even the prefects and

2)Challenge each other in a 5om run
3)Play passing with the football
4)Play badminton
5)Play cops and robbers.

I hope I can get a picture before the school ends, of how is the assembly like. You'll be amazed. I know, its pretty ridiculous and quite and dumb idea. If you wanna turn SMK Seri Mutiara into like a religious school where boys can't have close contact with girls and so, then you're not gonna succeed in it.

Good luck puan pengetua.

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