Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I want a Datukship too

Shah Rukh Khan recently received a Datukship award for filming one of his films at Malacca's A' Famosa's Resort. And because of that, his effort was noticed and he gets to become one of Malaysia's many man datuks.

I guess the Datukship is given out like free condoms in Singapore's red light district. Well duh.....

But then ah, I should get Datukship also you know. Because I've been telling my overseas buddies where the heck is Malaysia. I told them about roti canai, nasi lemak, Proton Saga, Rudy and JJ, mamak, kopitiams and much more Malaysian. And where's my Datukship?

What about my mum and dad? They've been paying tax (and watching it being wasted to space!!) like the other ah sum, ah gong, ah poh, uncle, aunty, mak cik, pak cik in Malaysia. I think taxpayers should also get a Datukship award, cuz they've been paying tax for years!!!

Taxi drivers also mah, you go to any taxi, you see the "Visit Malaysia" advertisement. They've been promoting Malaysia to the mat sallehs in K.L.I.A, Bukit Bintang, Bangsar and other classy places. What about them?

I wonder how many old people, who once fought against the communists, got their Datukship award too?

What about the people who conquered Mt Everest? What about Alleycats?

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