Sunday, October 26, 2008

Youth Camp

Oh boy, Saturday my mum had to be my driver for the day. Had to go to church early to check in just for the youth camp. And then got worship team practice.

Noticed that there was a cute couple of Hello Kitties in their wedding costume. Awwhh.....Kerrie I sensed something comming in 10 years time. : ) (Bride big headed than bridegroom)

As usual, they always start late for no reason. Got used to it already it, Indian timing. Mum had to wait until I finish practice at church and fetch me to nearby Istana Negara. And from there, dad will fetch me by bike to Federal hotel. What a day lah!!! Just to go for the prefect high tea, I missed lunch, games and activities for the youth camp.

High tea was great. It better be!! I paid RM3 for every bloody month until October. Last year the teachers choose Dominos for our high tea. Cheap, plain cheap. I just came in time for my headmistress's speach. Perfect. Hungry like shit already, somemore have to wait for headmistress to finish her speech. Once she's done, I ran to the main course and scoop nasi briyani with lamb and some veges. Sam saved a seat for me. Thanks buddy!!

Desserts were great. Love the cakes and the ice cream. After having deserts and a glass of water, chated with the rest of the prefects. Waited for the bus, played Manpreet's PSP in the bus. Phoned mum when reached at bus stop. She have to fetch me all the way to church, again...then only she can peacefully have her good rest and dinner.

So, we spent RM6 on toll. Damn it!!

Came back to church just in time to see the game session end. Fark. There was a wedding at the main auditorium.

So while the rest were bathing, I decided to watch the wedding from the boy's sleeping location (Tamil Church floor).


On the piano too.

Oh my gosh, I think I like Hello Kitty now. First was Mashimaro (shhhh), now this? What's next, Kuma Kuma?

It was a lovely wedding, with the Hello Kitties in it. Kerrie, I'll put Rabbids in it. It'll be the wackiest wedding. Tom Cruise's couch jump on Oprah couldn't top that!!

Had KFC for dinner. Then it was praise and worship time. Pastor John Kelly then teached us about being a vessel to God.

Then.....praying time, I was so sleepy I need a nice cooling bath. So I head down to the main bathroom at ground floor at aorund 10 p.m.

As I went back up, Corny asked me to teman him to mandi. Cuz on Friday morning my church was broken into and had RM 20000 worth of goods stolen. But thank God the guard was not hurt at all. Praise God!!

Corny says all he need is 5 minutes and he's done. After 10 minutes, Godfrey came in. Corny just started to bath. Godfrey kacau Corny. And in the end, halfway bathing, Godfrey's bath came to an end when out of the sudden no water. He was so farked!!

Played football in the boy's floor. My nickname was Chee Cheong Fun, bought from Malaysia to Manchester United for 5 million dolars, only to miss open goal. Sweat like mad lah, shouldn't have played.

One air cond wasn't enough. I and Luis had to sleep shirtless. Yeah, shirtless, so what? Like I have boobs to show.


Daniel (The other Daniel) said that the thiefs were dumb, even though they stole a LCD projector and a bass guitar, but they didn't steal our church's imported mics that cost bombs. Dumbass.

Woke up still like a zombie. Had to prepare for today's worship and praise. Forgot to bring my toothbrush and Darley. Fark.

Played the keyboard, screwed up with the keyboard. I don't know why the don't let musicians play their own style, instead of sticking to just one? Limiting creativity, in my opinion.

Went back early, had the whole afternoon for sleeping. Woke up, had a nice bath. Went to 33 Kopitiam and eat. Then when come back, neighbour invite us for open house. I'm now bloating like a Michelin man.

I'm fat.

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