Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tax tax tax

Imagine, a famous fast food chain had an advertisement about their latest meal as a set for a very cheap price, and you and your family decides to go there for lunch.

So let's say the total meal cost for you and your family is RM 45.80. You did the calculation before you went to dine in at that place.

You prepared 4 RM 10 notes, a RM 5 note, and 20 cent coins to make up for the 80 cent. And you happily paid for the meal you had with your family with the prepared bills.

Guess what? The restaurant added charges on Government Tax, Service Charges. So your total bill to pay?

RM 45.80 x 5% of bloody Government Tax = RM 2.29
RM 45.80 x 10% of brainless service charges by waitresses who are blind to notice that you are trying to order your damn food = RM 4.58

So the total bill that person need to pay......

RM 45.80 + RM 2.29 + RM 4.58 = RM 52.67

RM 52.67 rounded off = RM 52.70.

A RM 45.80 meal can magically become a RM 52.70 meal. What a nice way our Government is trying to pump money from us to pay taxes to eat. I don't mind paying for service charges, as long as they respond to you quick to take your damn order. Not some blind duckoos.

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