Sunday, October 19, 2008

Farewell Gathering

Ian called it a Farewell Party, but the atmosphere makes it look and feel like a sad sad emotional farewell to a close and caring friend. Like what Kerrie said, God's gift to us. A friend who can lend a shoulder to cry, hug to comfort you and so.

Suppose to go for worship team practice on Saturday. I was fed up the way they handle the schedule. So I didn't go. Sorry to any of my church friends reading this, I had to let this off of my chest after so long.

So, rushed to Leisure Mall at 10;45 a.m. Suppose to be at Fitness First by that time. Talk about punctuality in me....

Meet up with Adam, Melissa then fetched us to her house. Ian was already near her place.

So, here are some pics.

Melissa, chatting with us.

Adam, chillin' at his sofa.

Me and Ian, chillin' too.

Melissa's mum and her bro went out to buy Pizza Hut for lunch. So, we chatted like we didn't care who would be listening to us.

The perfect couple, Melissa and Adam.

Kerrie and me, and Ian.

So, we had pizzas for lunch. Thanks Melissa for buying us lunch.

And then......Jun Qin asked me to burp and spell out A-Z. I did start off well, until J. J was hard, but don't tell me how hard was W.

After lunch, went back to the sofas and then continue chat. Melissa suggested Monopoly, then something came up to me. I know Melissa hated Spongebob so much, she could rip it into half, and Evon is a big fan of Spongebob, and loves Patrick.

Daniel : "Hmmm...reminds me of something. Oh yeah, Melissa, do you know that there is a Spongebob Squarepants version of Monopoly?"

Melissa : "WHHHHAAAAATTTTT???!!"

Daniel : "Evon...."

Melissa : "Evon don't reply him!!!"

Daniel : "No lah Evon, I wanted to tell you that there is a Spongebob Squarepants Edition of Monopoly. And you can even buy the Crabby Patty at such a ridiculous price."

Evon : "Really??"

Daniel : "Infact, you can even buy Spongebob's Pineapple house. Ain't that cool?"

Everyone was laughing. Should see Evon's face. Full of joy whenever I mention Spongebob. Jun Qin hated Spongebob too. Awwhhh....

While Adam and I were busy playing the piano (Yeah, Melissa's brother, Daniel wouldn't let me, Adam and Ian touch his PS2), Jun Qin and gang took alot of funny pictures together.

Monkey faced Ian.

Face still priceless.

Evon, Jun Qin and Kerrie.

Then, a final group picture.

Melissa then gave each of us a letter.

Times like these is hard to control your feelings. It was such a sad atmosphere until even Adam and I felt like crying. Ian well.....still being Ian.

There was a surprise, but go find out yourself.

I read the letter, and I will keep that promise. And will be faithful too. Don't worry, I'm not mad at you for being lost for words. Its normal when you're like that.

Thanks for the advise, sis-in-law. By the way, already know your full name lah long time ago. Not knowing a person's full name doesn't mean that person will totally forget you. Its that knowing the person's inner self makes it not to forget that special someone.

Good luck Melissa, cheer up. We'll be waiting you.

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