Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Perodua Myvi SE Diecast model

While hunting for a Toyota Vios 2nd hand G spec on, I spot a Toyota Vios for RM 380, only to find out......its just a diecast model

Then I thought, what about Perodua or Proton diecast models? I used to have a Proton Wira model, huge and noisy. I didn't appreciated it when dad bought for me when I was a kid, then as I grow older, I remove the Proton badges and do my own mods on that Wira. You know, with the Lancer Evolution 3 bumpers and so.

(Daniel lost the red Proton Wira car model, now sobbing over it. Might have accidentally gave it away to someone. That lucky fella!!! He better know how precious is that car model now.....)

To my surprise, while Googling for diecast models, I found a Perodua Myvi. No bullshit.

To be honest, it looks kinda good.

The Myvi is based on the 2008 new facelift model. Wait, no its based on the Myvi SE.

Selling for RM 55, free bonnet sticker for sporty look. And you can customize your own plate number with an additional fee. But since they are having a Merdeka special promotion, it will be selling for RM 49. XD

I can't wait to get my hands on this model by this week.

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-= swen =- said...

Is it? I thought the ones on Merdeka Promotion are selling at RM 55 ?