Saturday, July 25, 2009

Can't take your shit anymore you douche!!!

Congrats to the new prefect board for the 2009/2010 session. We seniors (Matthew, Angeline, Kyle, Gan Yang, Darshini, Sri Ayu, Azila, Thiam Jun, Sammy, Guo Chong, Man Li, Yi Vonn, Vivia Ong, Sze Mei, Edwin, Sasi, Sabrina, Manpreet and me) can 'retire' peacefully finally!!!

Ok, rehearsal on Friday was funny. Matthew, don't blame us Chinese people for having Chinese names that you can't pronounce. Blame yourself for being a little 'toned down'.

Ok, for those of you who know me well, I have a habit of folding up my sleeves during off duty. Yes I do that because I don't like to wear long sleeve shirt but I have to abide with the school rules.

While practicing, Mr. Chew came to us seniors while we're standing at our positioned place. He came, sounded me with this...

"Why you short sleeve?! You want long or short sleeve?! You are a prefect, fold down now!"

My mood went from cheerful to being downright pissed. First of all Mr. Chew, its just a rehearsal, and we seniors know Monday is an important day and we will be presentable infront of the school students with full attire (coat and tie). Is it wrong for us senior prefects to let loose a little? Its now like we have our shirts untuck, pants sagging, tie too loosen up and so.

Oh yeah, you find me a short sleeve secondary prefect shirt, then only you talk.

I really can't take anymore of Mr.Chew's crap. Can't!!! And I know more than 90% of my blog readers dislike that lecturer. Save your lectures for juveniles.

And I promise, one more time if I have to hear Mr.Chew lecture me with small silly matters, I will release my stress on him. I mean it. What? You think prefects no pressure ah?

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