Saturday, July 25, 2009

7 Things I Learn While Driving on KL Roads

Ok, I know I just got my license this Tuesday, and the first thing I did was drive to school alone. Mum was so worried, she missed called me 4 times to check whether I'm alive or not. lol.

Ok, throughout the days of driving, I've learned that.....

1)Driving is never easy
"Oh c'mon, just the brakes and oil pedel, easy lah". No it ain't. It takes time to just control the acceleration and brakes. You're not gonna master it within just days ok? Trust me.

2)Driving is a huge responsibility
Driving on the road, you'll have a huge responsibility to shoulder on. Any tiny mistake on the road, you're in for a deep shit situation. Just remember not only you have to take care of yourself while driving, but also to ensure other drivers' safety.

3)Its tiring
Trust me on this, it is tiring. Your legs will be so tired, it will beg you to rest them for the whole day and not walk at all. While having my driving lessons, left leg on clutch, right leg controlling the pedal and brakes. 2 hours sitting at the same position, legs doing the same thing, its tiring and makes you restless.

4)KL drivers are really terrible drivers, and you are one of them
Yes, you drive on KL roads, you are automatically categorized as a KL driver. Definition of KL driver
i)Never give signal (you will make this mistake)
ii)Slow down
iii)Occupy more than one parking space
iv)Double park
v)No common sense

Yes, there is no escape.

5)Other drivers will annoy the living fuck out of you
Yes, this is definitely true. Drivers who last minute give signal makes you wanna horn them loud. Drivers who drive slowly and once you try to overtake them they'll speed up makes you wanna point the 'happy finger' to them. Drivers who sometimes drive at the wrong lane makes you wanna wind down your window and yell at them. Sigh, this leads to road anger.

6)Learn to give way
Yes, who knows by giving way to others, you're helping them alot. Remember to give the 'thank you' hnd gesture too to show your response.

7)Last but not need guts to drive
Yes, big fat guts to drive on KL roads. If you can survive KL roads, you can drive anywhere in the world already.

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