Thursday, July 23, 2009

Spotcheck gone mad

Today's spotcheck, frickin' weird and shocking. I mean, tell me which school you'll find a scorpion as one of the many confiscated items during spotcheck?

All form 4 students were required to stayback after assembly, again spotcheck. So among the items we confiscated were:

1)Highlight pens
2)Liquid paper
4)Bottle water
5)House clothes
8)Doll, yes a playing doll.
9)Scorpion, no joke.

Oh yeah, did I mention the teachers were a little bit crazy today. Mr. Chew, Mr.Chee, Pn. Chin, Pn. Anita and Pn. Tan. Oh boy, what the eff is wrong with you all?

OK, look students. You're reading my blog right, let me make this damn clear again. I would appreciate your co-opperation if you don't curse us, scold us for spotchecking your bag. It is our duty, all we did was follow orders. Don't call us dogs to teachers ok? Its disrespecting and I hate it. One day you'll go out and work and listen to people's orders, do you like it if I call you the same way you did back in school? What goes around comes around remember?

Fair enough, the prefects were also spotchecked by the teachers, and all our highlight pens, staplers, keychains, liquid paper and even a handphone. Heck, even one of the prefect's bag was considered beg berfesyen and was confiscated too.

Gan Yang was pissed because we couldn't understand why on earth keychains aren't allowed? Does the school rule book said so? What about staplers? Like what Gan Yang said, we need it to staple our account work.

Both of my highlight pens were gone. Motherchud, give me back lah!!! I need it to highlight points from lessons lah!! CHI BAI!!!!

Oh yeah, mind you that pendrives ARE ALLOWED for Pete's sake. I don't get it, please make it clear whether pendrives are allowed or not. Upper forms have to use it for Pendidikan Sivik folio, maybe Moral projects and so.

Sigh.........SMK Seri Mutiara is going mad. I'm not surprised that students one day can't take it and start rebelling against teachers. I know, even though I am a prefect as a post, but for the rest of the day, I'm a student just like you. So I can't blame you all for rebelling, I'm not surprised if one day I'll rebel against the teachers.

Don't say I didn't warn ya.....

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