Friday, July 17, 2009


Ok ok, I'm so hyper gila happy wei guys!!! A month ago I was all emo by cursing the Kancil for screwing my test up. Ok ok, now different story wei. I finally passed the test.

Some fella told me, forgot who's that fella. You must be one with the car, and show love to the car. some lurve towards a man-made machine? And a Kancil?

So yesterday, I went for another 3 hours of driving lesson again. Yeah, I'm used to the manual transmission. And to you guys who hates manual transmission, you'll love it in the end. Trust me, shifting gears can never be so damn fun. Its this close to have that Initial D feeling, only that you can't drift with such a small car on a third-world mentality driver owned road. :)

So for yesterday's lesson, I spent 80% on memorizing the engine noise when revving at the yellow line on the slope task. So can you imagine, while driving back to the slope, I was hymning the engine noise.

"Rrrruummmmmmmmmmmm..........." in my mind. :)

I did managed to practice side parking. Oh, another fun thing to do. My formula.

1) Drive straight, keep close to the left, not too close mind you.
2) Look behind, and look at the first pole. Make sure its visible on your right side of the rear window.
3) Shift to reverse gear, turn steering wheel one and a half on left.
4) Reverse, look at your right side mirror. Stop when rear right tyre ngam ngam touch yellow line.
5) Then, full right steering wheel turn, reverse. Look out your window, and make sure front right tyre in yellow box.
6) Full left steering wheel turn, shift first gear and SLOWLY go front.
7) Straighten your tyres, wind down your window, raise your hand to signal to JPJ officer that you're done.

Ok, now to get out of the yellow box....

1) Full left steering wheel turn, reverse
2) Full right steering wheel turn, first gear SLOWLY go out.
3) Rejoice, and be happy.

Now for 3 point turn....
1) Go front, second pole turn right. Stop before yellow line.
2) Full left steering wheel turn, reverse. Make sure tyre don't kena yellow line.
3) Full right steering wheel turn, first gear. Take your time and go out. Watch out for cars
4) Rejoice and be glad that you won't need to deal with these crappy Kancils anymore

Ok, the Kancils preapred by the JPJ is all in shit condition. No, there isn't a single Kancil that is in perfect condition. The Kancil I had for today's test, I was lucky that the clutch was waaaay better than the last time.

I rushed back from school, nervous. Oh yeah, thanks guys for the wishes. Josh, you know I was so darn nervous lah. Santosh, I knew you have been praying for me. Haha....yeah.

For those who failed the first time, second time test will be at 2 p.m. We were all required to wait in a room. And I was one of the 2 Chinese boys in the room, but the only boy retrying the 3 tasks. Yikes........

Ok, I was listed the first to go. And something embarassing and funny happened to me. I started the engine, ok......but I didn't realized that I was in free-gear mode. So I released the clutch. The car moved, but it was so darn slow. The JPJ officers, one sitting at the side parking zone and one at the uphill zone was wondering what on Earth was I doing? Oh yeah, both were female officers.

Go up, tiba tiba car no power, reverse. That time my mind was like...


I was so close to being in tears. The one that sat at the side parking zone went to me, told me this....

"Adik, lu dalam free gear lah. Masuk gear satu dulu."

HO MY GOSH!!! Lucky bastard lah me. Lucky, so darn lucky lah me. I got second chance. Ok, stop at the yellow line. Just a moment later, the lady ask me to move on.

Ok, this is it.......the moment I can't screw up. Handbrake, release brake. Release clutch until car vibrated, check. Foot on pedal, floor it until moans, check. 3,2,1........release handbrake and clutch.

And for all I know......I was zooming off. I couldn't care less about the Kancil's welfare. I pass.

Side parking, easy. Not to sound cocky, but if you treat it like you're playing the rubic cube with the right formula, its a piece of cake.

After doing all the side parking formulas and raising my hand, I knew that the P license is mine already. I rewarded myself with a slow, relaxing 3 point turn. Parked the car near the other Kancils. Signed the form, LULUS.

LULUS. This one Bahasa Malaysia word, LULUS makes me happy already. I felt like kissing the JPJ officer.

While running back to the car to turn off the engine, I nearly lost my L license and my IC. It fell off while being clipped onto the form. Thank God for that fat but friendly JPJ officer who told me that my IC and L licence is on the road, literally. Haha, thanks tuan!!

Got my form signed by the officers, chopped and done. Now, have to wait for 4 days for my licence. Tuesday, come to me fast!!!!!!

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