Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Iz Sad Kiddo

Today's a sad day for me...well, kinda

My beloved used-to-drive Honda City '97, her jaw kena scratched by my mum due to her awesome Fernando Alonso driving skill =.=

Yes, this is how both of the cars parked at my house's porch.

Now, reversing the Honda is a tough thing to do because the Vios has been hogging a huge space. Therefore, the Honda City, she's kinda jealous that I've been going out with the Vios alot of times.

Was on the way to send the old pc to Jerry's house to help me repair (again) and I asked mum to drive out the old car. The Vios needs a rest. So mum was reversing the car, only paying attention to the left side, and forgotten about the right side. Then....... PAAAP!!!

Right bumper scratch against the wall, and the right front tyre was stuck on a wood which is covering the huge drain hole. Forced to reverse the car, dad saw the damaged, laughed and choked =.=

Here's some pics to show the injuries the car kena...


Damage was so painful, I felt for my old faithful City.

Then, came back, want to snap a picture of the artwork my mum has done to the car. Just when I slide my phone's camera cover to take the picture, only realized that the camera is not working (the main one).

Ohhh......last night dropped the phone =.="

I iz a sad kiddo = (

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