Friday, January 15, 2010

School Guard Can Get Bent

I fucking hate the school guard. I hated that fucka for a whole year. I've been patient with his bloody attitude. If I want to come back to school and pay a visit to see my friends and teachers, MY OWN FUCKING WISH. Because no matter what, you'll still be attached to the school at some ways.

I went back school today to see how was the band and choir doing. Hey, I asked them whether I can come first before I head on inside. And I got the permission.

When I went out of the school with Kyle, the school guard screwed us with some lame insults...

"Eh apalah lu suka balik sini buat kacau?!"

"Eh encik, saya ada hak untuk balik sini tau, datang jumpa cikgu tak boleh ah? Lu tak percaya you boleh tanya guru muzik sekolah. Tadi saya ada jumpa dia."

The guard continues yapping and I gotta give preps to Kyle for pointing the middle finder to him while walking out of the school. SALUTE!!

Fuck man, why our school hire such pathetic guards. I remember our school used to have a good, well mannered, friendly guard....until the school hired a hamsap middle aged Chinese man who preys on girls, an Indian guard who looks like a male but actually a female. Then this bloody typical rude kampung Malay fella who has no respect for students in the school.

One time I think it was during my SPM Bahasa Melayu paper day, we had this 2 hour break, and most of us decided to head down to the usual mamak to have our lunch. I heard that Kah Seng and his friends wanted to go out, the guard challenged them to go against the school orders. So when Kah Seng walked out, the guard slammed the gate and nearly kena Kah Seng's hand. A fight nearly occured between the guard and Kah Seng. And Mr Chew was standing next to the guard. Fine, Mr Chew telling us to go to canteen and makan, we understand. But the guard, bloody bugger, stand like one kind like very very yeng like that, one hand leaning against the wall of the guard house.

Hello, if you don't like me coming back to school once a while, then resign and go hunt for a job whcih you won't need to see me for the rest of your pathetic arrogant life. time if I park my car at my usual spot, you see me walking into the school compaund. You go out and scratch, I will fucking give you one tight slap. I mean it you bitch!!!

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OoKami said...

go get your car and crush him then~