Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nuggets is Also Testicles XD

Honestly......college is awesome. Yes, it is slightly more relaxed than secondary school life (I'm saying this cuz I haven't dealt with assignments and projects yet)

But anyway, first day of college everyone will kinda need to adjust to the new environment, but it didn't took long to know more than a handful of new friends. Hey, just because I made new friends doesn't mean I had forgotten my secondary school friends :D Still marked in my p i n k y f r a g i l e h e a r t XD

First class was last week Thursday, Advertising Principles. To be honest, I nearly fell asleep, no its not that the subject is boring, just that if the lecturer speak louder then its ok. Today's class, Mass Communication was awesome.

And of course, if classes start at 12:30 p.m, I have to get out of the house by 11:20 a.m or earlier. Federal highway traffic jam can be a bitch to everyone.

Mr. Tan, sound old right? But you'll be surprised that he's actually quite young. LOL, like 25 above young. He makes the class so alive, like resurrecting us :D

He then conducted this experiment to show that communication by the word of mouth, information can be changed. He took a piece of paper, wrote a sentence, and then told the first student sitting on the front slow. The objective for each student is to whisper to the person sitting next to them and continue to the next person with the same method.

Guess what my friend, Jason told me.....

"Mobile Imput Video''


So I then whispered that sentence to the person behind me, he was like....


Then he whispered to the person sitting next to him.....

"Something something message"

O.O O.o??

Gosh........ then the last person, who sat in the left side front row, have to tell out to the whole class what was whispered to her. She then said....

"What what what message?"

Whole class burst into laughter, then Mr.Tan then revealed the original message.


=_____________=" Mr. Tan, apparently is an Arsenal supporter.

Learned alot today. Do you know that the word 'nuggets' is also another word for 'testicles'? Think again before eating a KFC nugget XD

Class ended at 3p.m, went 'yum cha' with my friends at Station One. Bought the text book for the advertising class, 688 pages and RM 80. Even the Bible is way lighter than the textbook.

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