Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Star On Your Head.....

LOL, I'm not sure how many of ya'll are into the current Hip Hop scene. I don't know why celebrities these days are getting ridiculous every day. Take Birdman for example. Founder of Cash Money Records, one half of Big Tymers, and a 'daddy' to Lil Wayne.

Birdman, like Lil Wayne and The Game, is known for their music and also their tattoos on every part of their body.

Fear God.


First it was a butterfly, had a L.A letters covering it, and now a star.

Birdman, 41 years old this year, still rapping and still getting a tattoo. And what a great way to waste your money by getting a huge orange start on your bald head =.=

Maybe pigeons have a new target practice now...... XD

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