Friday, January 22, 2010

Thank You Guys So Much

Today's my birthday, thanks guys for the wishes. I really really am touched by you all for taking the time and wishing me right after midnight struck.

Last night, 12:01 my handphone started to vibrate for 15 minutes. Too many people wishing me already. First vibration I thought, ok, then when I put back on the table,the phone vibrated for a minute plus and then only stop.

And the first 40 minutes of being 18, Darshini Mahendran made me feel so blur XD

Then today woke up, feeling so lazy, once I turned on my handphone, again messages started to flow. Santosh took the time to call me early in the morning. Sorry dei, not able to join you and Raj and the rest for dinner at Pavilion.

Diong and band wanted to celebrate my birthday in school, so I thought why not go back? I know, I'm still kinda attached to my former secondary school. Shu Teng thanks for the birthday gift, I'm feeling so guilty for not getting you one last year. Starbucks, I owe you any drink you want at Starbucks.


Reached school with Kyle at 1 p.m. We both dressed in school uniform so that the damn guard wont ngin ngin ngor ngor at us already. Blending in is a good idea :D

Ran all the way up to the music room. Diong and band sang a birthday song for me. Fuck, nearly shed a tear lah XDDD

Joked alot, frustrated alot on Kyle's Nokia 5800. He has this game called Bounce, where you control a ball and avoiding holes throughout levels by tilting the phone according to your direction. Yu Kin, Samuel, Carmie all got high when playing this game.

After hang around with friends in the room, went back to Kyle's place and continued FIFA 10 session. Gosh, its amazing when you play a team like Chicago Fire against a team like Barcelona, and you win by 3 goals. Whereby when you play as Barcelona against Chicago Fire, you lose on penalties =_____=

Prototype was awesome, all the blood, gore and violence is so funny.

Went back, rest and then went to Leisure Mall for dinner at Boston Another Concept Restaurant. The food is good, price is ok too. Bought myself Left 4 Dead 2, finally!!!!

Supposed to go shisa with Benji and Pete, but the weather and bad traffic plus both cars low on petrol, shit. Then supposed to go Green Apple with Kent and gang, tak jadi cuz I was feeling a little sick. Now dah ok. always have to screw up on the 11th hour, but then you guys really made my day. I will never ever forget my 18th birthday and its all because of you all :D Thank you so much

18.....I'm getting older :D

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