Monday, January 11, 2010

Oh Mickey You're So Fine You Blew My Mind XD

Guess what...... after collecting dust and being lifeless at home, I decided to do a little art work to kill time and to brush up my skill. Comparing both using the Wacom Bamboo Fun to draw (which involves eye and hand coordination) to doing sketching the old skool way, I prefer the 2nd option thankyouverymuch.

Anyway, I need some feedback this time please? :)

I can't draw Mickey straight away without any reference because its been umpteen years I've seen that jolly mouse on TV. Parents canceled the cartoon package on Astro to save cost. Now I miss Disney cartoons.

Anyway, of all the Mickeys in my The Big Book Of Walt Disney Puzzle Activity Book, I choose the Mickey Mouse in Fantasia. What? Never heard of Fantasia? Where have you been?!

Ok, now the new trend is fashion labels and houses began collaborating with household products, cartoon characters, and so to come out with a product. Like the Gucci Nike Dunk, I've decided to try my own Fantasia Mickey Mouse x Nike Dunk High XD

Ok, so here's my final work
Mickey punk'ed up with piercings.

Nike Dunk High Skateboard.

Overall work.

Later tonight I'll try to transfer my work on the Corel Painter Essentials. Any suggestions on the shoe colours? I thought of using the colours just like my Rainbow red. What about Mickey's robe? The magician hat?

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