Saturday, January 9, 2010

Katie and Micah :D

Yesterday evening, pergi Mid Valley watch Paranormal Activity at 6:40 p.m. Fetched a few friends and followed another car to go Mid Valley. First time driving to my most disliked place in the Klang Valley area. Jam everywhere because of that mall.

Was going quite fast at the 3rd lane, don't dare (note : sakit hati lah) to speed up cuz the car still damn precious to me (note to self : drive the Honda XD) but then it was quite fun. Until I was so busy talking to friends I forgot the car that I'm following was at the Touch N Go lane. Once I realized, I made a U Turn and went to Tunai lane. Thank goodness no cars behind. It was such a laugh out loud dumbass moment.

Followed my friend's car to go one big round just to park at the 4th floor nearby the staircase to cinema. While going round and round saw some people blowing those bagpipes that the Scots are known for.

Had McD's for dinner, then went into the cinema a few minutes after the movie start.


Paranormal Activity's pace is slow from the start, then slowly it gets more exciting and at the same time, shocking and scary. The story revolves around a couple, Katie and Micah. Both of them moved into a new house and then Katie feels that something has been haunting her until now. So Micah decided to get a camera to film it and try to get something out of it. So while they are sleeping, the camera records for the whole night.

Door moved, sounds made, door slammed itself real hard, and Katie waking up and standing like a weirdo before going back to sleep. So before that they hired a psychic, but then the psychic recommended a demonlogist to solve their problem.

So Micah had his own experiment by communicating with the demon through a board (forgot already). Katie and Micah was warned that by communicating with the demon makes matters worst. Katie was upset with Micah and told him to follow her to the shopping mall and leave the board alone. The camera was located and was still filming and focusing on the board. Then, audiences can see the board's object moving and there was a flame ignited on the board.

Micah's second experiment was scattering powder on the house's floor to show whether the demon can leave footprints on it, and at night, several footprints was found.

The most entertaining scene was while Micah and Katie were sleeping, suddenly heavy footsteps can be heard and Katie was seen slowly dragged out from her bed and when she realized, she screamed for Micah. Micah then woke up, saw Katie dragged by the demon's force and then while he rushes to her, the door slammed and delayed Micah to save her. Micah managed to wrestle her back to the bedroom.

Next morning, Katie had a bite mark at her back, and they decided to go to a hotel and stay. Next thing, Katie was found unconcious, gripping tightly on a crucifix until she bleeds. When she woke up on her bed, Micah told it was time to leave the house but she insisted to stay for one more night.

Last scene, both were found sleeping and suddenly Katie woke up, stood like a weirdo for a few minutes, then Micah's blanket is slowly removed, Katie walks to him, stands like an idiot for a few more minutes, and then walks downstairs.

Tiba-tiba, Katie screamed, and Micah as usual, rushed to her aid. Their screams were gone and a few minutes later, the director decided to give the cinema goers a shock of their lifes when Micah was thrown towards the camera, like BANG!!!

Then we see Katie crawling towards Micah's body, and camera close up Katie's face, she's fucking ugly and disturbing. And she gave a disturbing scream for us to remember.

Then a credit was shown that Micah's body was found and Katie dissapeared.

Out of 10 screams, I give it a 7. Throughout the movie, I can hear people screaming, being in shocked and go UH OH UH OH NOO!!!

Then, after movie, walked to the car, still in shocked after the movie. Then after going out from Mid Valley, I'm lost.

Ended up in Bangsar Village, phoned my friend to direct me out. Made an illegal U Turn (my first) and then took the longest way back to Cheras. Followed the signboard that says 'Seremban' and then slowly 'Cheras' came out and then passed by the national library, took the SMART tunnel and back to 50 cent toll. Urgghh...wasted petrol already, but at least get to tour around KL :D

Overall, a funny yet freaky Saturday to remember.

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