Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Small figures

"Damn right I throw better than the Yankees....."

"And all those violent I know how Niko felt when beating up random people......."

Here's a random story I've come out while posting these pictures. Here it goes....

One day, in the land of the Top Kawai Red Piano, a king and queen ruled for 10 minutes..
The king and queen.

Now one day, a young couple, Andy and Jane was caught doing lewd acts in public and was reported to the king and queen by a boy. The young couple was brought to the king and queen, and they begged for mercy.

"Sooooorryyy!!! I'll let you do anything to us, just spare us from death...."

It was the king's birthday, and he had something in mind.

"Very well then, do you know how to sing "Pants on the Ground?"

"Pants on the Ground?"

"Yes, that song."

"Your majesty, I'm afraid I do not know this song, but I can sing "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga."

After deep thinking, the king has finally made his decision....

"Very well then, Molok, my bodyguard will beat you until you can figure out how to sing "Pants on the Ground." Its my birthday, either you make me a happy king, or you die like a sod :D Molok!!! You may do your duty now. Make me happy!!"

*due to graphic nature, I would not show pictures of Andy being punished*

I need to get a =_________="

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