Saturday, September 18, 2010

An Unusual Afternoon

Ok today afternoon something exciting happened to me =D Ok lah its actually not nice to go around telling your friends about you getting stopped by police officers who suspect your on drugs.

I bought McDonald's Spicy Chicken McDeluxe with the new McShaker Cheese Fries. Then went to the cendol roadside stall to have my lunch their. Its just outside Leisure Mall, opposite the Indah Water sewage area.

So right after finishing my lunch, I went back to my car parked outside the housing areas at Mutiara Timur. Yes I was that cheap, I don't wanna spend money parking inside Leisure Mall.

So while walking towards my car, I saw 2 police officers (the ones on motorcycles) checking a car and its driver. I then calmly walked to my car, quickly get in because I was like so full and sleepy from my lunch, I just wanna sleep.

Before I can insert the keys into the ignition, one of the officers asked me to get out of the car and show him my license and IC. So here's how it goes...

Police officer 1 : boleh show IC dan license kamu? Can I see your IC and driver's license?

Me : Oh ya tuan * shows IC and license* Oh yes sir

Police officer 1 : You tinggal di mana? Where do you stay?

Me : Erm Taman Desa Aman, dari sini kiri then kanan Erm Taman Desa Aman, from here go straight, turn left and then right on the next turn.

Police officer 1 : So you dari situ park ke sini? So you drive all the way from your house to park here?

Me : Ya, saya nak pergi makan kat Leisure Mall. Yes, I went to Leisure Mall to have my lunch.

Police officer 1 : You kerja atau belajar? Are you studying or now working?

Me : Saya college student. I'm a college student.

Police officer 1 : Kat mana? Where at?

Me : Kat IACT, Jalan Universiti, Petaling Jaya. At IACT, Jalan Universiti, Petaling Jaya.

Ok at that time I thought I was gonna be fined for parking here. Then the 2nd police officer then came along.

Police officer 2 : You kerja atau belajar? You're working or studying?

Me : Belajar. Studying

Police officer 2 : Boleh saya bodycheck you? Don't mind if I perform a bodycheck on you?

Me : Oh boleh boleh Oh sure sure.
*raise both hands up*

Police officer 2 : Eh releks relaks nanti orang ingat kami nak tahan kau. Hey relax relax, later the people passing by would thought we're gonna arrest you.

Police officer 2 : Apa dalam poket ini? What's in this pocket?

Me : Oh ini kunci rumah saya. Oh these are my house keys

Police officer 2 : Poket ini? What about this pocket?

Me : Oh ini dompet saya.

*checks wallet* and while at it, he asked me this question which surprised the shit out of me.

Police officer 2 : You ada ambil dadah atau ada dadah pada kau tak ? Are you under the influence of drugs or currently possessing any drugs with you?

I don't know whether to laugh at his question. That time alot of funny answers popping up in my mind.

"You smartass, even if I have drugs would I tell you?"

"No I don't have drugs. But I do have a few illegal immigrants hiding in the trunk of my car. Wanna see?"

"Nope, but I do have porn though. Interested in Maria Ozawa or foreplay?"

Me : Tak ada tuan, tak ada dadah. No sir, no drugs at all.

Police officer 1 : *hands back both license and IC* ok, you boleh balik sekarang. Ok, now you can go back home.

Seriously lah, do I look like some drug addict ah? I need to gain weight =/