Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Shit Morning

Don't you just love cloudy skies =)

And damn it today morning traffic was really wonderful lah. Right after Independence Day morning jam like fark.

This is me, waiting for 15 minutes while some smartass in front of the Myvi forgot to reload his Touch N Go card. Just seconds after tagging mine, got stuck for 45 minutes at the same spot =/

Close to an hour later after getting out of the house, I'm on the Federal Highway, traffic was crawling very slow.

And today's moral presentation, we didn't really put alot of effort cuz we kinda like last minute cramp in all the story and ideas and finished it in under 10 minutes.

Urrgghhhh off to bed now, very very tired. Nights you lovely people mwwwaaaaahhsss!!! =____________________=''

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