Monday, September 6, 2010

Eating Spree =)

OK I'm back!!!! Oh damn the marketing management individual assignment. Months after the 2nd semester I'm still wondering....why do I have to study marketing management in the first place. I mean, all I need is to use common sense to know who my target market is, which design suits them and what theme is appropriate. But then again....its nice to know how marketing works.

Oh and yes.....if you happen to know my current Facebook status......I'm on an eating spree. Yes, this is a big blow to you skinny girls who's been skipping meals and now have to read about me eating honeyjoy, bak ku teh, mango ice cream cake, chocolate, ice cream, burgers, fried chicken and so on. TAKE THAT!!!

Looking back I really regretted skipping meals cuz at one time some bastard in primary school told me that had fat thighs.

And now when I think of it...

"WHY THE HECK WAS HE LOOKING AT MY THIGHS?!! Bitch when someone sit their thighs are gonna look fat damn it!!!"

Then secondary school days, was skipping meals cuz the offerings from the school canteen wasn't very nice. Have you tried squeezing the donut? Damn the amount of oil in it. Everytime after eating in the canteen, somehow I feel like I consumed alot of oil than meat and rice XD

This was during my Form 2 days, yes I think I look quite fair in this picture, not to be in vain, but that's what I think of myself. This was when Rajdev had hair, Samuel was a very GOOD school prefect, same goes for Aruvin, Eddy and Nazim. Not sure about that random kid behind.


I mean look at me.....I look skinny alright. This was last year August during my church camp.

So one day I decided to step on the weight scale and boy, my weight sure look unhealty and scary to me.

57KG. I'm like 177cm tall but my weight is more for someone shorter than me. So I decided to of course, go on an eating plan. I shall have 5 meals a day, whatever food I found in the fridge or on the table that looks tempting, juicy, delicious, I'll finish it up immediately.

And my weight target by end of the year......85kg. I know this sounds mad but screw it, I wanna live a healthy lifestyle.

I think I've gained weight, not alot but gained at least some kilograms. I'm happy, but I'm worried eating at unusual hours like during late nights will only make things worst. But who knows, maybe I special case.

By looking at this picture, I've gained weight...I think. I think only lah you don't go and bitch about how perasan I am!! =D

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