Wednesday, September 29, 2010

That's One Distracting Circus Tent

I've seen alot of modified Proton Wajas on the road, maybe too many of them. Heck, its so common sometimes you might mistaken them for a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7 from far.

Yesterday was on the way to college, while looking at my right side mirror, this Proton Waja or Wajalution X caught my attention. And from that moment onwards, it has been every driver within 50 meters' distraction.

The rear of the Wajalution X is so ugly, the front is to graphic to be shown.

Really? Evolution X? The paint job was an eye sore to everyone who looked at it. The rims, goodness me swap with my rims, my ride even with that red rims looked a heck lot better. And the emblem, we're not that dumb to fall for that bro.

Until now, I cannot understand, why majority of Malaysian tuners have such good taste in modifying the outlook of their rides'?

Myvi Passo/Boon does it better =D

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