Saturday, September 4, 2010

Over Limit

At times when I push myself beyond what my body can handle. The late night sleeps and waking up early for college. Its been a while since I last breathe in fresh morning air. I remember when I had that sinus problem 9 months ago I was so terrified that I thought of going for operation to get that problem off from me.

Parents has been advising me to get more rest and less time on the computer. But its the assignments and my Facebook addiction that hinders me from getting my normal 7 hour sleep. For the last 2 weeks.......I sleep an average 4 hours a day.

One day something's gonna happen to me and I then only will regret..... =)

I'm not surprised if the sinus problem comes back in a few months time again, could be a punishment for me not sleeping well. I don't wanna live on medicines for the rest of my life.

I want a change.

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