Friday, September 10, 2010


Ok, some of you might know about my piercings. I did both ears back in 2008, removed them and then pierced again last year like in April (WASTED $$$$ TAU!!!). Then during the June holidays, right on the first day had my right ear and cartilage done. I didn't know cartilage and helix were both different placings =/

So this was me right after I had mine done.

And now......I got my helix done, its RM 20 more than last year's one, but I got it done at Tribal Bodyworks, Sungei Wang.

Yeah got mine done by their resident piercer, Kinki Ryusaki. She was a lil bit pissed and feeling quite grumpy. I was sooo worried she'll screw up my ear XD

And it was all done under 20 seconds, I made her job easy as pie.

Now back to a year ago, sleeping sideways for a week and trying not to knock it while drying my hair after shower.

Oh yeah the reason why I did this is not to be an attention whore, its because I wanted it without any reasons at all. If you want it, go get it.

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