Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Look Out Point

Monday went to Look Out Point at Ampang with Zi, Joshua, Derek and Kah Yin for dinner and some get together. Had to tumpang my car to go uphill cuz' Kah Yin's Kenari wouldn't even make it half the trip. We're just worried the car will flip when its driving uphill.

Oh right Zi.....Look Out Point is just around your backyard. I didn't know your backyard was THAT far.

Anyway while going to Look Out Point we missed the entrance to the place and had to drive even further to find a U Turn.

Once we were there, after looking around what Look Out Point has to offer, we decided to go for Gasoline. Haven and the other restaurant's price was quite expensive. I had the usual grill chicken chop with the house made white sauce, Josh had lamb chop, Derek had Gordon Bleu and Kah Yin had udon mee. Kah Yin made one of the funniest mistake of the night, he ordered this vanilla chocolate drink, it was warm instead of ice blended. And damn it, the drink was so thick, he had to order a glass of ice and buy a bottle of cold mineral water to make the drink less thick.

I brought the camera along, so here's some pictures.
Derek with his puppy eye look.

Oh yeah, the view from the restaurant was nice. 645 p.m -7:15 p.m is the best time to enjoy the view. You can see the whole KL from here.

Derek, Zi, Josh and Kah Yin

Beer goggle vision.

Went for a second round at Haven, a Mediterranean restaurant. One of us wanted to have shisha session, so we decided to sit and watch him blowing flavored smoke. He ordered pineapple flavor. And I wanna thank Zi Yang for being the camera man for the night =)

Sitting at the next table beside us was this middle eastern family. Their kid was so adorable, especially when he smiles. Regretted not taking a picture with that boy though.

Looks like those lava rocks at volcano sites.

Kah Yin posing proudly with his shisha. He has one at home. It was his first time doing shisha, and he was kinda high and addicted to it.

Zi Yang and his lamp. Reminds me of those gatekeepers at haunted Medieval mansions or castles.

And yes I was that bored, so I decided to well, try shisha. Heard its a hell lot worst than cigarettes.

Well....it ain't that bad.

But that doesn't mean I'll shisha regularly. I think once is enough.

The fella that ordered shisha had 3 rounds and we had to wait for him to finish off the last one then only can go off. Zi Yang couldn't take it anymore and decided to take the tip and throw it into the ashes XD

Around 10:30 p.m only left Look Out Point. Will definitely try out their desserts and enjoy the night time view for the next time.

Went back to Zi's place to chill.

Feeling so blur....

It'll be nice if there's more people able to join us, maybe in the next coming months =)

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