Friday, September 3, 2010

If there was one word to describe yesterday morning's traffic jam after the 50 cent Cheras-Seremban toll......


I'm not kidding, I wish mum was fetching me to college. Even just for a day. Don't you know how tiring your legs, on the acceleration and brake pedal for hours.

Just 3 seconds (I've counted, damn lifeless right? I know) after tagging the Touch N Go lane........I found myself among 80+ cars slowly in a tortoise pace, squeezing into 3 lanes.

I was so stressed until I was stressfucked XD

But before that I went to Shell petrol station to fill up RM 30 worth of fuel. was playing Sean Kingston......featuring Justin Bieber's "Eeenie Meenie" and "Somebody to Love" feat. Usher.

I thought the morning crew was just bullshitting when they say they gonna play 4 hours, from 6-10 a.m of Justin Bieber's songs to get him to have a concert over here.

While getting stuck in the jam, they played "Baby" 8-9 times, "One Less Lonely Girl" 4 times, "One Time" 3 times, "Eeenie Meenie" 4 times, one more song I heard was 3 times.

Here's the thing, I need to listen to music while driving, its my habit already. Yes I could have choose to switch to but they were playing crappy music. Second time I switch to and wanted to go to radio got some problem. It wound allow me to switch.

I can't drive without the radio on, cuz the amount of noise from the traffic even with your windows pathetic and pain to the ear drums.

8 O'clock I got out of the house.... and by 8 :54 a.m.....

I was surrounded by mad drivers.....literally mad giler babified drivers XD

And by 9 :15 a.m...

I just moved a few meters only =(

Was late for class, had a slight headache after hours of Justin Bieber songs played to me. I want Justin Bieber to NOT come to Malaysia. I'm serious.

And to, I think you lost more listeners than gaining new ones. Go and kiss those die-hard Justin Bieber fans, please them with all you care. Sellout!!

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