Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pavilion or Bust!!!

Yesterday went out with a few of my former school mates for a movie outing a Pavilion. Decided to watch Vampire Suck, which was full of wrongly-timed jokes, predictable outcomes, but at least the songs used in the movie was alright.

Supposed to catch the 11:30 a.m show, but some SUPERSTAR was quite late and we had to settle for the 3:30 p.m time. After buying the tickets we all decided to walk around to kill time. San Min and I walked in to a few shops with the girls and it was a horror ride!!! =D

And here's some pictures =)

Short. Tall. Short. Tall.

Then, some random people then came towards us, and asked for our autographs and interviewed us =D

Nah I'm just messing around, apparently there was these 2 guys were trying to help their buddy, Wayne, to purpose to his fiance Elaine, by having 99 well wishers writing notes with their wishes.

Only a superstar can write an essay in such a small note. Shu Teng was annoyed that I used up the whole note to wish people. Damn cheong hei.

"Are you done yet? =__="

And thank you Hui Xian for taking pictures of me and Shu Teng while we basked in our new found superstardom and celebrity status. Thank you for being such an awesome PR for us, we'll send in a fruit basket with a teddy bear and a 'Thank You' card in it in return.

Then went to Pizza Hut to have lunch, and damn, the second we walked into the restaurant, no network coverage. Its like our mobile network providers all took a lunch break and left us. I'm glad I managed to catch up with them, even though I'm at college while they're in their final year in Mutiara.

Vampires Suck, I expected alot of well written, plotted jokes. But to my disappointment, the jokes were all given away in the trailer. Had the trailer only showed 1 or 2 jokes, the rest in the movie wont be THAT predictable. Overall, its a just above-average parody movie, 6/10. The only saving grace was well......the chick.

And phuck the parking ticket lah, RM 15. But aside from that, I had a wonderful day.

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