Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Amber Cha-Cha-Cha-Cha-Chia!!! =)

Guess who I bumped into at Jaya One? Its none other than Malaysia's first Playboy model Amber Chia. Ok lah she appeared in Playboy Indonesia but still...... =)

I was walking back to my car after art class, saw this tall lady in a purple dress, on the phone while eating. Honestly I took a wild guess that lady was Amber Chia.

So I walked on the sidewalk where she was standing and eating while on the phone, to my surprise I was starstruck!! Gosh I sound like a stalker now lah whadaheck weiihh!!

Wanted to well, ask whether can take picture with her anot but then again better not kacau her lah. Just so you know she's pregnant and even with the baby bump, she's still gorgeous =)

Urrgghh today's photoshoot in studio was fun but the constant flashing lights from the backlights, softlights and so on, triggered by the DSLR camera, is a torture for the eyes. Had a hard time driving though =/ Thank goodness today's the last class before the Hari Raya break. And to my fellow Muslims, have a safe journey ahead while balik kampung hoookay? =)

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