Thursday, March 5, 2009

Busy week

What a occupied first week of March for me. I'm excited that Pn. Zaliha has agreed to do a jersey with our selected nicknames and numbers for the handball team. Guess what name I picked?


Yes, I'm serious. While others put 'Nick', 'Santosh', 'Y.Yau', 'K.Liang' and so on, I'm the only one with a food name. I just hope no one takes my number, 22.

Yeah, form 1, form 2 and form 4 having exams. Break a leg kids!!!!! Tomorrow's the last day for your exams, and ya'll can go crazy.

House dusty, workers just finished fixing the tangki. Books also covered with dust. Just can't wait to get myself a wireless modem so that I can surf the net with my new PC. C'mon, my PC is like begging me to go online. I have Left 4 Dead, Ian has been bugging me to play with him, I have Skype, Mozila Firefox and Window's Live Messenger installed. All that is missing is an Internet connection.

Oh, today just finished Need For Speed Undercover, was way better than the Playstation 2 version. And for once, I thought the soundtrack would be awful, but I was wrong. There are some songs worth to be in your playlist. Graphics wise, PC version produces next gen graphics (loved to stare at my Mitsubishi Lancer). Gameplay better than the PS2, but story line is quite terrible. Actors tried to be as gangster and tough as they can be in cutscenes, but when they drive, like donkeys controlling a Perodua Kenari.

Dad taught me how to drive last week. Yeah, got a head start already. After walking pasar malam, I asked dad to observe me driving again. This time without his guidance. Chill, he sat next to me. Was going straight, and making U-Turns and doing the same thing over again..

One time when I was making a U-Turn, a pick-up truck came. I was so nervous that I'll screw up. Thankfully dad calmed me down. I managed to reverse in calm, and when the pick up truck drove past me, he stared at me. Luckily not policeman. If not, habislah saya!!!

This coming holidays, Kyle, Edwin and Me planning to take undang test.

Bought "Slumdog Millionaire". Don't know what's the fuss about that movie. Will be watching it tomorrow night. Kerrie, care to join?

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