Thursday, March 5, 2009

Why Bother?

Look, I'ma be honest with you all. Yes, I saw the PETA video. Yes, I am pissed. Yes, my heart broke after watching cute cuddly raccoons being slammed to the ground just to get their fur. Yes, you all blog about it.

But I wanna ask you all.......what can you do to solve this mess?

No matter how many signatures, chain e-mails being forwarded and asking people to sign in order to reach a certain target, what's the point?

Ok, for instance, many of you all think that KFC mistreats chickens. But think, your own mouth can say you won't eat a single KFC chicken anymore, but can you immediately change? Hey, I'm still eating KFC, I don't care how chickens being treated because in the end, they still will become our food.

So about the fur debate, why complain so much? You all know, you don't practice what you preach, you don't walk the talk, hanya cakap tin kosong sahaja. So why bother?

I know this post will offend some of you all, and some spammers would post hating messages in my chatbox (again), but please, engage your brain before you start shooting me with bombarding messages.

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Shockerz said...

From my point of views in thing we must not leave it just like that. Human nature tend to ignore the real truth that's why we have global warming, war broke out, nuclear attacks, racism, and you eating KFC :3. Do you know those animal in the farm factories can produce tons of CO2 emission per second?

What need to be done is the government need to start from the younger generation and educate them with sufficient knowledge to protect and not harm nor pollute.

That's just my 2 cents on we must care or they will not have a tomorrow for the next generation.