Friday, March 6, 2009


No 'Maccaroni' for my handball jersey. So, I told teacher to just write 'Daniel' only. Yeah, 22 is all mine now. No one touches it!!!

Today stayed back in school for debate, ended up losing my prefect blazer. I mean, who would be so desperate enough to steal my blazer? RM 80 gone wei, sorry to say this but I think you peralihans have nothing to do lah.

Was trying to find points for the debate motion, which is "Should schools continue using the PPSMI method?" Thankfully, we managed to get the points, but how can Darshini and me concentrate when peralihan students were making so much of noise until there was this teacher had to yell at them for so many times to ask them to keep quiet. Can't blame them for not understanding Bahasa Malaysia, or maybe they are just plain stupid?

Mum and dad don't know that I lost my blazer, you can't blame me because I am not suppose to bring in my bag inside the library.

Recess time Darsh and I ate at the canteen, and to my surprise, it was ultra noisy. Heck, even morning session not as noisy as the afternoon session. I can even see some students chasing around, pushing each other, and yet the afternoon session prefects didn't do much at all. Sigh, dissapointed.

Darsh and I stayed back until 5 p.m+. I then decided to go to the canteen and wait for Sin Wi. The afternoon session ends at 6:45 p.m. I managed to finish off my English homework, tried to sleep but couldn't.

Sin Wi, Jungle is so adorable. Just tell me before you put her on my lap, hate surprises like that. Thanks for fetching me back, mum's fried rice still edible. LOL!!!

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